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want to contribute?

REASONTOUSE is not Forbes (yet) and I am not Stephen King (yet) either, but this doesn’t mean that we should settle for less and not stretch ourselves.

Writing deep, useful and interesting is what I aim for both you and me.

I welcome you to write on this platform.


why write here?

It will give you a chance to share your passion with others. If you feel strongly about any particular topic around blogging, this is your opportunity to express yourself.

It will help you to become a better blogger. To see a different perspective from another blogger’s eye (me) and how to fit into the constraints of a different blog and its targeted audience.

You might find in my shape a long term blogger friend who believes in win-win relationships. We can both benefit from each other’s experience and skills.


4 must-have ingredients

1 – how much passion do you have for the topic in hand?

You must have a passion and a strong feeling about the topic you want to write about.

This platform is all about personal experience, analysis and feedback sharing.

If you haven’t got a passion and belief about a topic, it is difficult to get published here. You must demonstrate in some form why you want to write about a specific topic and what link has it got with your personality. How deeply you feel about it and why you want to share it with others.


2 – does your personality reflect in your words?

Remember it is your story, your experience and your views that you are sharing with us. Don’t just report the features, facts and numbers.

I am after your personal opinion and viewpoint to help the readers. Write in first person and talk to your reader. I don’t want you to follow the trend and get your blog post buried in the sea of mediocrity. Be different wherever you can.

The best writing comes when it is written from the heart.


3 – how deep is your message?

Go deep rather than wide.

Blogosphere is full of superficial and thin content, don’t add to the pile. Depth and coverage are important to make your message more useful and meaningful for the reader.

Don’t use fillers and repeated information to stretch your article. 1000 good words are better than 2000 average words.

You got the gist.


4 – how relevant is it to the target reader?

REASONTOUSE platform is strictly designed around its readers and followers.

You need to be aware of its structure, style and target audience. I strongly urge you to read this article where I have shared my ideal blog persona with you. This is the person I want you to write for.

Don’t suggest a topic which is out of the blue. Blogging is a big world, be specific about your area of interest.


what next and what to expect?

There is a process to follow which makes both mine and your lives easier.

Choose a topic (or two) and let me know via email about why you want to write about it.

If we agree on a particular topic, we will broadly agree on its structure via email as well. I will then confirm at that stage for you to go ahead and write the first draft.

Once the draft if prepared and sent to me, do expect a few queries from my side and associated changes as a part of editing the document.

Once we both agree on the final version, it will get published with your author bio at the top. Links are allowed as long as they are relevant and I would expect that for the first two weeks, you answer any comments if they are raised on the blog article.

Fair deal?

Let’s crack on.

Any queries, feel free to drop me a line.

I don't believe in bribing my readers with substandard ebooks and half-baked cheatsheets.

If you enjoy reading on this platform and want no-fluff blogging advice, become a friend of REASONTOUSE today.

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