REASONTOUSE is not Forbes and I am not Stephen King either, but this doesn’t mean that we should settle for less and not stretch ourselves with big challenges.

I welcome you to write on this platform. Let’s aim to set a high standard of writing.


Steps to follow

I receive regular emails from people who want to guest post here.

I ask them to read this page carefully and ping me an email after understanding and agreeing the guidelines. If you read the steps below and  include the required information in you email, you will hear back from me.

There are three steps to your pitch and getting published.

1In your initial email, tell me about an idea (topic to write about) which you feel passionate about and have a personal association with. REASONTOUSE is all about blogging so you have plenty of choices to write about. Don’t offer a list of 6 headings to chose from, come up with two ideas as maximum or preferably one if you can. Something that you really feel about. Don’t forget to include a paragraph to tell me why you have chosen this particular subject to write about.

2If we agree on the topic, I will ask you to write a short summary about the topic and/or include a list of sub-headings only that you intend to use in the article. This will give me a flavour of what your article will eventually look like. Remember don’t write the actual article yet, this is just a short summary and a list of broad headings to agree.

3If after step 2, there is a green signal from my side, go and write the blog post. Take as much time as you want and remember, word count doesn’t matter. Once the draft is submitted from your side, do expect a few email conversations along the lines of editing, tweaking, formatting and other housekeeping matters.


If you are up for the challenge, don’t hesitate. Go and read step 1 again and ping me an email at ahmadimran<<@>>

If you are passionate about blogging and looking for a win-win working relationship, take initiative.

Speak soon.