To become a brand of first choice for unmatched personal technology information by helping people to make better decisions and informed choices.

This platform will contain information around technology which makes a difference in the life of its readers. Only passionate writing which is aimed to help others strives for excellence.

REASONTOUSE community will influence the personal technology industry through this platform. It will be the most influential voice of an average consumer and a common end-user.



Love and passion

Love for people and passion for blogging.

I am combining both.

When you love others, you help others.

Nothing beats the drive and enthusiasm based on true passion. I have a firm faith that success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. My passion will always dictate my abilities to achieve my vision.



The key principle not to be compromised.

The information provided here will never be influenced by the brand, name or reputation of the product or service in review.

I will always endeavour to bring you a real-life experience and feedback from those who have tried and tested a product and want to help others.


Quality not quantity

An overarching value.

No matter if the topics covered on this platform are not extensive, have confidence that they will always deliver quality and value.

I want people to associate REASONTOUSE name with quality and focus.


Smart and hard work

This platform and its authority is my dream.

A dream that I see every day.

No dream has ever achieved reality without the support of dedication, vision, continuous effort and consistency. You will always find a flavour of these ingredients in the work I offer through this platform.


Friendship and community

Together, we can do it better. I want you to become a part of my community.

It is not my platform, it is our platform.

I am a common user just like you.

My relationship with my readers will be of a friend who is always available and always willing to listen. Join hands, become a friend and let us build a place on the web where all of us can enjoy and relate to.