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First published in March 2016, this article is republished in October 2018.


Books are a difficult choice if you want to learn blogging.

I am not aware of many books that successful bloggers have written to pass on their learning and experience to others. And even if they have, blogging is such a dynamic and fast-changing field that your best bet is to keep in touch with these bloggers via their blogs – where they regularly write and publish their content for the benefit their readers.

Signing up to their newsletter or email list is one of the best ways to keep in touch.

I know scam emails, fake offers and spammy advertising can deter anyone from sharing their email address but there is no harm in signing up to someone who brings you value and information for your blogging success.

As a blogger, I am going to suggest you in this article the 3 email lists (and hence blogs) to get subscribed to. In my blogging career, there are many email lists that I have subscribed to under different circumstances. Some stayed and some disappeared after a short while.

I have been subscribed to these 3 blogs for a significant time now and found them to be extremely useful in making me a better blogger.

Let us start with the first one – Copyblogger.


Brian Clark’s Copyblogger

I say Brian Clarke because he founded Copyblogger in early 2006 as a one-man blog.

Today, it is a team of experts covering key blogging areas who write about their experiences and insights around blogging and content marketing.

The frequency of Copyblogger’s email is once a week (at the time of writing this article). Sonia Simone, who is the chief content officer at Copyblogger, sends a newsletter with links to their recent articles and podcasts.

One day Stephanie Flexman will be telling you about “writing techniques” and another day, Sonia Simone will be talking about “marketing insights”. There are various other writers specialising in their areas of interest. In short, Copyblogger’s panel of writers offer quality content which is authentic and practical.

You need to be the member to make full use of Copyblogger’s huge collection of valuable information and latest articles and insights from industry experts. If you have not tried their free membership yet, give it a try along with over 330,000 other subscribers who are already benefiting from their free to use library of blogging resource and regular updates.

If you are already on Copyblogger’s email list, drop us a comment below and share your thoughts on their weekly newsletter.


Jon Morrow’s SmartBlogger

If there is one phrase that comes to mind after reading Jon Morrow’s articles or other articles by guest posters on his blog, that is “authoritative command on the topic”.

SmartBlogger is a simple but extremely focused and in-depth blog covering articles and information for bloggers and online writers. Each article is written with a common blogger in mind and the information is generally of high-quality and relevance.

I personally wait for Jon’s email in my inbox.

He normally sends the link to latest published articles via email and frankly speaking, you don’t want to miss reading articles published on his blog if you are serious about learning blogging.

If there is one blog I want you to read and read regularly without any slippages, that is SmartBlogger.

A “must-follow” for bloggers.

Get on his list if you are not on-board already.

If you are already subscribed to Jon’s list, share your thoughts in comments below and give other readers your point of view.


Neil Patel’s blog

Neil is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of 4 multi-million dollar software businesses including QuickSprout and KissMetrics.

He writes on many platforms but I have read his content mainly on his blog NeilPatel.Com.

His blog is ever changing and he likes testing different options and marketing techniques all the time.

At the time of writing these lines, his email list subscription is not visible on his blog and everywhere we see options to enrol in his free traffic webinar. Similarly, there is more emphasis on videos and podcasts as compared to written articles but that should not discourage you at all.

If you can’t find an option to give your email and subscribe anywhere, just bookmark his blog address and visit regularly to keep yourself up to date with what he has to offer.

His articles are comprehensive, long, in-depth and with useful examples. Any blogger can and should use his techniques and methods to improve their blogging. His guide-style and pillar-content articles are extremely useful and have an ability to resonate with a common blogger like you and me.

Frankly speaking, I don’t think that he does everything himself in terms of writing these articles, but that is my personal opinion. His articles are so in-depth, detailed, research-backed and comprehensive that I don’t think that he can do it all himself with such frequency. I believe that he has developed a team which helps him to create such content.

If you are a passionate blogger and want to learn tips, tricks and methods to improve different aspects of your blogging using tried and tested methods, get on his list or start following him closely.

Share your views if you have read Neil’s articles before and what do you think about the long-form content that he produces for his audience.


Success leaves clues

You don’t have to pay anything to get this wealth of information.

It only needs your desire to learn.

Organise yourself and make sure that you subscribe to these blogs, open their emails, read them and take action where you feel appropriate.

There are several vital clues in these top blogs and their email lists to pay attention to.

I am sure there are other email lists which are “excellent resource” for new and intermediate bloggers but just because I have not used them personally for a significant period of time, I have not included them in this article.

Let us know which other blogger’s list is worth considering and getting hooked up to.


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