Last updated in October 2018.

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In running and managing this blog, I rely on certain tools to get me the results. Over a period of time and after continuous use, there are some which stand out. And I am going to share a few of them with you on this page.

You will only see products and services here which I personally use and feel that they are worthy of your consideration.


Hosting provider is Siteground

I have been using the Siteground’s Managed WordPress Hosting (shared) for over 3 years now.

I have found their service to be good value, speedy, reliable and supportive. Rather than explaining it all here, have a read of my yearly review of their service if you want to consider them for your blog.


Blogging platform is WordPress

I will be straight with you. I have never used any other platform to build and run a website except the WordPress. It has been my buddy from the day 1 of this blog and all I have is the praise and recommendation for it.

If you are a non-coder or non-developer, WordPress will make the life easier for you.

Speak to your hosting provider about the WordPress install on your site or download it for free. Remember it is not the WordPress.Com version, it is the self hosted version from WordPress.Org.


WordPress theme is Avada

If you are a WordPress user, you know the importance of a quality theme and how it can help in presenting your blog to the wider world and its function. This is an important decision in your blogging journey, get it right from the outset.

I have been using the Avada theme since begining of this blog. It has been the no. 1 best selling theme on Themeforest for over 6 years  in a row. Rather than explaining it all here, have a read of my yearly review about Avada.

It should give you a flavour.


Plugins that stand out

Everyone’s circumstances and requirements are different. However, there are certain key categories where you will need quality plugins to perform various tasks on your WordPress blog.

Out of the 21 plugins that I am currently using, here is a list of 3 that I thoroughly recommend.

1 – Yoast for SEO (free) – my one stop shop for on-site SEO. One day, I may jump on the premium version.

2 – VaultPress for backup (paid) – my peace of mind for full remote backups. $5 a month is well spent in my opinion.

3 – WP Fastest Cache for website cache (paid) – my main tool for site speed and performance. It has a free version as well which I used for years before jumping on to premium.


Email list management is by MailChimp

Building and effectively managing an email subscribers list is paramount for bloggers.

It was the MailChimp’s free offer (for first 2000 subscribers) which attracted me to its service in 2014. I am glad that I made that decision. A quick disclaimer here that I have not used any other email list management service other than MailChimp so I can not compare it to others.

After using the MailChimp for over 4 years, I can say that it is a well designed, practical and easy to use email service for bloggers.

The beauty is that unlike other services which charge you from day 1, MailChimp is free until you reach to a point where you don’t mind paying a reasonable amount and your list has already gathered a significant number of subscribers.


Storage, email and documents are through G Suite by Google

I am a cloud-person.

Being a Chromebook user, it makes even more sense to have your most of the computing done online.

Google Drive for storage and archiving.

Google Gmail/Inbox for email.

Google Keep for notes and reminders.

And Google Docs for documents, spreadsheets, slides etc. come all under this umbrella.

I can’t praise it enough. It is made with a common user in mind and his computing needs on a day to day basis. Simple but efficient.

Here is my detailed article on why I started paying for Google Apps Unlimited (now G-Suite). Have a read or join the G Suite today. You can get an extra 20% off your first year if you use the discount code. Email me on ahmadimran <<at>> and I can send you the code straight away.