How Flexible is Avada Backend? [Avada 5.X Theme Settings]

If you want to know your options in the backend of Avada theme, this article will give you that flavour. By backend I mean the admin panel in WordPress where you can play around with different options and settings to adjust your theme's presentation and functioning. It is like a cockpit from where you fly [...]

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Avada Theme Review After 3 Years [2017 Update]

This article is updated every¬†year. Last update in August 2017 captures my 3 years feedback and experience of using Avada theme. This article contains affiliate link(s) - read disclosure here.   Theme Avada is 5 years old now. With nearly 350,000 sales on ThemeForest, it has been a no. 1 WordPress [...]

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Traits of a Quality WordPress Theme – 5 Checks to Choose a Theme That Best Suits Your Needs

I am not a WordPress developer or expert of any kind. I am just a common user of the WordPress who has built and managed this website on the WordPress platform from the scratch. Over two and a half years of working with this excellent software, I have acquired the knowledge and experience of using [...]

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1 Year With Avada Theme – The Story So Far

This article is the feedback of my first year of using Avada theme and captures my thoughts at the end of this period. It will not be updated going forwarded. For a more informed view of the theme, check out my detailed review of Avada which is updated every year. [...]

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My First 90 Days With WordPress Theme Avada

This article was written 90 days after I first installed and used Avada theme on this blog. It captures the views and thoughts of a new-subscriber to Avada. This article will not be updated going forward. For a more up to date feedback on Avada, check out my detailed review [...]

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