SiteGround WordPress Hosting – 2 Years On (2017 Update)

This blog is hosted on the SiteGround’s server for over 2 years now. Last year, I wrote about my first year's feedback with you about the SiteGround's shared hosting performance. This year, it is the second episode. Two years on. April 2015 to April 2017. No influence, no fluff and no wishy-washy either. How it felt on a [...]

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How to Choose WordPress Plugins? (The 7 Steps)

First published in September 2015, this article is recently revised and re-published in October 2016. It is updated with my further-matured point of view and experience of the WordPress plugins.   When I started blogging with WordPress, it only took me a few months to establish that it is important [...]

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Avada Theme Review – Menu Design Options

  This article is based on Avada version 3.9.3 and first published on the 9th of February 2016.    Choosing your WordPress theme is an important decision. I suggest you to seek professional advice and expert opinion about the quality of code and theme mechanics. My reviews of the [...]

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WordPress Staging with SiteGround – Step by Step Process

Have you ever broken or significantly dis-functioned your blog while trying to carry out a maintenance task on it? Perhaps while trying to update your theme. Or installing and trying a new plugin. The net result can be a few minutes of suffering to a few hours or possibly days of hassle to bring everything [...]

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3 General Principles of Protecting Your WordPress Blog

If you are in charge of a WordPress blog, then you need to make cyber-security as much of a priority as the content you put on that blog. You have a responsibility to protect your readers when they visit your website, much like you expect to be safe when you visit this website. Cyber-criminals find [...]

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