25 Effective Blogging Strategies [From 3 Years of Blogging]

I have been blogging for 3 years now. This post is a snapshot of my blogging career at its 3rd anniversary. This article won't be updated going forward - to preserve my thoughts and beliefs after 3 years of blogging.   Blogging is a marathon. It needs constant refinement and continuous improvement. [...]

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The Challenge of Consistent Blogging: 3 Reasons, 3 Remedies

14.05.2017 Update:┬áThis article was first published here in February 2015. It is revised and republished again in May 2017. It now includes my further matured view of the topic after 3 years of blogging.   Blogging and writing are like exercise and fitness routine. They are easy to start but difficult to maintain [...]

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Do You Dream and Visualise Yourself as a Top Blogger or a Writer?

I am going to tell you in this article one of the most important aspects of your blogging or writing success. You don't normally find it in common blogging advice nowadays. And it lies within you. You have got a full control over it. It is something which is easy to neglect and put it [...]

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My 100th Blog Post – 3 Lessons For New Bloggers

21st of October 2014 was when I published my first article on this blog. Today, 21st of July 2015 is when I am publishing my 100th post on this blog. If you look at the numbers only, it is an easy mathematics question. 100 articles in 39 weeks (9 months). Nearly two and half articles [...]

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A Day In The Life Of A New Blogger

I want to convey a strong message to you through this one-day story of mine. If you are new to blogging or even a few years into it, I am sure you can relate to the emotions and the feelings explained in this article. If you are serious with the blogging as your passion, this [...]

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