Xperia Z5 User Interface Review – 2 Months Feedback

Today is my 68th day with the Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone. In this over 2 months of use, I had a chance to explore and experience its user interface (UI) on a daily basis. In my opinion, the UI plays a major role in deciding how well a flagship satisfies its end-user. I have previously [...]

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OnePlus 2 OxygenOS Review – How Good is the User Interface (UI)?

OnePlus debuted with CyanogenMod in OnePlus One but this companionship did not go very far. This year, their flaghsip killer (OnePlus 2) is released with OxygenOS. An operating system which is close to stock  Android look and style but with extra bells and whistles. I have been closely analysing and using the OxygenOS user interface [...]

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LG G4 User Interface Review (UI) – Has LG Done Enough?

Before starting to write about LG G4 user interface, I have used the Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and Nexus 6 in the last few months. And I reviewed each one of them for their user interface which they offer to the end user. Nexus 6 had the pure stock Android Lollipop - it was [...]

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5 Reasons Why I Liked TouchWiz UI In Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 is my 10th Samsung flagship device. I have never been a fan of the Samsung's TouchWiz user interface (UI). In fact it won't be unfair to say that it was one of the two main reasons for me to write critically about the Samsung Galaxy range devices (design being the other one) Because, [...]

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Sense 7 User Interface on HTC One M9 – Does It Cut?

While the world is voting the HTC One M9 down for different reasons, I am analysing this smartphone for its different aspects one by one. Post by post. I started with the design of the M9 and called it the best in its class. Then I was disappointed with the camera whether it is macros (close-ups) [...]

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