Traits of a Quality WordPress Theme – 5 Checks to Choose a Theme That Best Suits Your Needs

I am not a WordPress developer or expert of any kind. I am just a common user of the WordPress who has built and managed this website on the WordPress platform from the scratch. Over two and a half years of working with this excellent software, I have acquired the knowledge and experience of using [...]

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2 Years With Avada Theme – Still Attractive?

A few days back, I completed my two years running with Avada theme. Avada has been powering this platform since day 1 of the journey. After my first 3 months of using the theme, I gave you my early thoughts about its quality. Then after 1 year of using and analysing it, I wrote Avada theme [...]

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Avada Theme Review – Header Design Options

Last updated 15th of August 2016 - This article was first published and then updated based on Avada 3.8.6 and 3.9.3. I have now updated it again as a result of a recent major update to Avada 4 (4.0.3)    Choosing your WordPress theme is an important decision. [...]

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1 Year With Avada Theme – The Story So Far

This article is the feedback of my first year of using Avada theme and captures my thoughts at the end of this period. It was last updated in August 2015.    The story of 2 years with Avada theme is now published. Read to know if Avada is [...]

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My First 90 Days With WordPress Theme Avada

28.07.2016 update - This article is the feedback of my first three months with Avada theme. The time when I created this platform from zero to fully-live. This is one of the first few articles which I wrote in my blogging career hence I have intentionally not edited it significantly. This [...]

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