How Did I Protect My Xperia Z5 From Marks and Scratches?

I have been using the Sony Xperia Z5 for more than two and a half months now as my daily companion. It is the time now to share with you how I managed to protect this elegantly designed phone without slipping it into a protective case. I believe that these cases compromise the design, feel [...]

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OnePlus 2 Wear and Tear Resistance – 50 Days Feedback

Today, OnePlus 2 has been my daily companion for exactly 50 days. For those who read my articles know that I don't use protective cases with my smartphones. My philosophy is that for a premium and flagship device, it is a compromise on design if we slip them into a case. It has been in [...]

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How Well did LG G4 with Leather Back Resisted Marks & Scratches?

3rd of August to 26th of September. LG G4 has been my personal smartphone for 55 days. I have used it as my daily driver for nearly two months now and it is the time to share my feedback with you about its scratch resistance. I am a relatively careful user of my mobile phones [...]

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Galaxy S6 Metal Band – Did It Scratch Easily ?

Every smartphone that I own and use, goes through my scratch-resistance test. I don't drop it, try to bend it, scratch it with knife or other tools and don't bang it with a hammer either. I just use the phone without any case as a common user for a certain period of time (over a [...]

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HTC One M9 Scratches – How Well It Resisted ?

HTC One M9 is a beautifully crafted and an elegantly constructed smartphone - there is no doubt about it. Last thing I wanted to do was to slip it into a case. I am sure that many of my readers will agree with me. I am generally reluctant to put a protective case on a high-end [...]

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