60 Days With S8+ [Strengths, Weaknesses and Forgettables]

I have been using the Samsung's S8+ for over 2 months now. I know I am reviewing this phone a bit late in the day and the S9 series is already planned to be released in the first quarter of 2018. However, I am assuming that you want to know more about this phone or [...]

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Galaxy S8+ Still Image Quality [With 12 Sample Shots]

This review is carried out on my personal device, the Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955F) which is bought in the UK and running Android version 7.0 and Samsung Experience version 8.1. It is written with a common user in mind and based on my personal photography skills which are not PRO by any stretch of [...]

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S7 Edge Strengths and Weaknesses Review

S7 Edge was my first edge-device. I gave it a miss last year when I skipped the S6 Edge and preferred the normal S6 for my use and review. This time, I was keen to try and explore the edge-feature. So I have been using the Galaxy S7 Edge flagship by Samsung for nearly two [...]

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S7 Edge Design Review – Build, Feel and Look

Samsung has come a long way from its traditional plastic design in Android flagships. Galaxy S6 in 2015 was a fresh and welcome change on design front. Glass replaced the plastic and metal band surround was introduced. It was good, I liked it and called it a step in the right direction. Moving on to [...]

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S7 Edge Camera Quality Review [inc. 21 Sample Shots]

For the last few years, Samsung flagship range has generally given us great cameras. In 2016, S7 and S7 Edge have been holding the flag for Samsung after the unfortunate recall of the Note 7 recently. Both the S7 and its Edge variant share the same primary camera (2 types) which is a 12 MP [...]

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