Google Analytics Android App – A Must Try For Bloggers

There are many levels of understanding and using the Google Analytics for website traffic however, they can be broadly categorised into two main types. The first type involves a  detailed and in-depth understanding, analysis and implementation of corrective and improvement measures to increase the site and blog traffic. This approach needs time, research, analysing and [...]

SMS Texts From Computer Keyboard – Free MightyText App

Some of my readers have asked me to write about my favourite and useful apps that are difficult to live without. There are a few which come under this category and today I am going to write about one of them. The MightyText. You may have heard this name and tried it already. This article [...]

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Powerful Video Editor For Android – KineMaster Pro Review

Google Play Store is huge but the apps that really make us happy are the ones which are clean interface, feature rich, free of glitches, easy to use and fun to experience. If they are free, it is a bonus. Otherwise, I personally don't mind paying for them as long as they are above certain level of [...]

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Swype Android Keyboard – Entering Text On Smartphone Is Easy

If you are reading this article, there is a strong possibility that you have a smartphone and you frequently need to enter text on it. I will explain you in this article why I have used Swype constantly for more than 2.5 years (and still using it) as my favourite Android replacement keyboard. Yes, that's [...]

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How To Connect Android To PC Wirelessly (AirDroid)

There is no hiding in the fact that the life generally has gone faster and busier. I am sure both me and you are no different. When it comes to our technological needs on a day to day basis, there is a default desire to get the things done quicker - Simple. For a long [...]

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