10 Blogging Distractions That Harm Your Blog Efforts

Last updated in October 2018 after 4 years of part-time blogging experience.   There are two types of bloggers. Those who blog casually and don’t mind if things slip a little bit. Their blogging objectives are flexible and their blog perhaps does not sit near the top of their priority list. It is [...]

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Why Consistent Blogging is Difficult? [with Tips to Improve]

First published here in February 2015, this article is fully revisited and published again in November 2018 after more than 4 years of my blogging journey.   Blogging and writing are like exercise and fitness routine. They are easy to start but difficult to maintain as a habit for life. You need to [...]

2018-11-08T21:19:07+00:00May 14th, 2017|Categories: blog-experience, blog-vision|Tags: , , |

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