My Verdict – Nexus 6 Strengths, Weaknesses & Passes

One and a half month with the Google Nexus 6 and here I am ready to give you my verdict about this Phablet. If you are thinking of buying this smartphone by Motorola and want to know a real-life feedback by someone who has used it as a daily driver for over a month, you [...]

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Nexus 6 To Note 4 Comparison – Which Phablet Wins ?

Nearly 2 months with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 followed by over a month with the Google Nexus 6 smartphone. I have enjoyed both the powerful phablets of the 2015. If you like big and super-sized Android smartphones, you will like these two machines. It is time for me now to write about the Nexus [...]

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Galaxy Note 4 Summary Review – Strengths & Weaknesses

I wrote 7 reviews about the Galaxy Note 4 in my 60 days with this power-house phablet. It is the time now to say good bye to it and write the 8th and final summary review for my readers. The verdict - Strengths and Weaknesses explained. Before we dive into the Galaxy Note 4 summary [...]

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Is Galaxy Note 4 Too Big For Everyday Use?

Last updated 31st July 2015. Phablets are on the rise and we will see this trend over the next few years. Many people call any smartphone between 5 to 6.9 inches as a phablet. However, with a growing trend towards the large screen smartphones, I personally think that the lower screen size limit [...]

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