OnePlus 3 Strengths and Weaknesses – The Analysis

I have been  a follower of the OnePlus’s journey since 2014 when they first surprised us with the OnePlus One. I called it a beauty with forgivable niggles. 2015 introduced the second episode of the flagship-killing journey. This time, OnePlus Two was good but not great. The surprise-effect was fading away. I critically labelled it as [...]

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Can OnePlus 3 Camera Quality Satisfy the Android Lover?

There is no doubt in the fact that smartphone photography is on the rise. A high-end Android phone is often selected on the basis of its camera performance and quality of the images it can take. Personally, I think the competition is fierce and all big players are expected to perform at the above-average level in [...]

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OnePlus 3 Design – Is it Truly Premium Build?

In 2014, when OnePlus pleasantly surprised us with their first flagship-killer, there were doubts if the company will be able to keep the momentum going. Last year (2015), we saw a slight hint of it when OnePlus 2 didn’t make as bigger impact as its predecessor. Although it was still a great value for money [...]

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