OnePlus 3 Strengths and Weaknesses – The Analysis

I have been  a follower of the OnePlus’s journey since 2014 when they first surprised us with the OnePlus One. I called it a beauty with forgivable niggles. 2015 introduced the second episode of the flagship-killing journey. This time, OnePlus Two was good but not great. The surprise-effect was fading away. I critically labelled it as [...]

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Can OnePlus 3 Camera Quality Satisfy the Android Lover?

There is no doubt in the fact that smartphone photography is on the rise. A high-end Android phone is often selected on the basis of its camera performance and quality of the images it can take. Personally, I think the competition is fierce and all big players are expected to perform at the above-average level in [...]

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OnePlus 3 Design – Is it Truly Premium Build?

In 2014, when OnePlus pleasantly surprised us with their first flagship-killer, there were doubts if the company will be able to keep the momentum going. Last year (2015), we saw a slight hint of it when OnePlus 2 didn’t make as bigger impact as its predecessor. Although it was still a great value for money [...]

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OnePlus 2 Strengths and Weaknesses – 60 Days Feedback

OnePlus, a Chinese manufacturer claims to be a company of dreamers who aim to reach for the most ambitious goals. Their ambitions are high and their slogan of “Never Settle” is interesting. In 2015, they released their second flagship killer - OnePlus 2. For a phone which is extremely competitively priced for its specifications and [...]

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OnePlus 2 Wear and Tear Resistance – 50 Days Feedback

Today, OnePlus 2 has been my daily companion for exactly 50 days. For those who read my articles know that I don't use protective cases with my smartphones. My philosophy is that for a premium and flagship device, it is a compromise on design if we slip them into a case. It has been in [...]

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