Nexus 6 To Note 4 Comparison – Which Phablet Wins ?

Nearly 2 months with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 followed by over a month with the Google Nexus 6 smartphone. I have enjoyed both the powerful phablets of the 2015. If you like big and super-sized Android smartphones, you will like these two machines. It is time for me now to write about the Nexus [...]

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Galaxy Note 4 Summary Review – Strengths & Weaknesses

I wrote 7 reviews about the Galaxy Note 4 in my 60 days with this power-house phablet. It is the time now to say good bye to it and write the 8th and final summary review for my readers. The verdict - Strengths and Weaknesses explained. Before we dive into the Galaxy Note 4 summary [...]

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Galaxy Note 4 S Pen Review – Feedback of 50 Days

Last Updated - 4th August 2015. 50 days with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is time to share my real-life feedback of its S Pen feature with you. You might be interested in buying this powerful Android phablet or you are just curious to know more about the note taking and [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Scratches – 40 Days Feedback

I don't use protective cases with my smartphones. My logic is that no matter how beautiful a case is, it is going to hide the real beauty of the actual unit. I am a design lover and want to enjoy the real curves and ergonomics of the phone. Hence the naked body and its resistance [...]

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Multi Window On Galaxy Note 4 – Multitasking Review

Big screen phablets are gaining popularity. Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is a prime example of an Android smartphone which offers an excellent super-sized screen experience to its end users. A powerful machine which probably is not the most beautiful mobile phone on the design front, but has a very strong feature which directly influences our smartphone [...]

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