Huawei Honor 8 – Strengths and Weaknesses Reviewed After 45 Days of Use

I believe in value for money. On REASONTOUSE, although I only cover high-end Androids, I still have a curiosity to use and analyse the smartphones which are borderline between the top-flyers and the mid-rangers. OnePlus 3 was one such recent example in late 2016 which thoroughly impressed me. Let us face the fact, we can [...]

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Nexus 6P Strengths and Weaknesses – After 72 Days

Last year, when I reviewed the Nexus 6, I said that it was a good phone and I am generally happy with it. But at the same time, I mentioned that for Google to take the Nexus range to the forefront of the Android flagship market, there is more to be done. This year, I [...]

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Nexus 6P Camera Performance With Google Camera App

Last year in April, I reviewed the Nexus 6 for its camera performance and frankly speaking, I liked the results. Yes the Google's default camera app was a bit “simple” in my opinion but the actual picture quality of the primary camera was well-acceptable and pleasing. This time, I have the Nexus 6P under my [...]

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