Huawei P10 Strengths & Weaknesses [2 Months On]

Chinese high-end Android phones are gaining and gradually increasing their foothold in western markets. OnePlus and Huawei are two big names in this regard. Huawei’s P10 and P10 Plus are the company’s latest flagships in 2017 and I have been using the younger brother (P10) for last two months now. Just before I am going [...]

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Huawei Honor 8 – Strengths and Weaknesses Reviewed After 45 Days of Use

I believe in value for money. On REASONTOUSE, although I only cover high-end Androids, I still have a curiosity to use and analyse the smartphones which are borderline between the top-flyers and the mid-rangers. OnePlus 3 was one such recent example in late 2016 which thoroughly impressed me. Let us face the fact, we can [...]

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Nexus 6P Strengths and Weaknesses – After 72 Days

Last year, when I reviewed the Nexus 6, I said that it was a good phone and I am generally happy with it. But at the same time, I mentioned that for Google to take the Nexus range to the forefront of the Android flagship market, there is more to be done. This year, I [...]

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Nexus 6P Camera Performance With Google Camera App

Last year in April, I reviewed the Nexus 6 for its camera performance and frankly speaking, I liked the results. Yes the Google's default camera app was a bit “simple” in my opinion but the actual picture quality of the primary camera was well-acceptable and pleasing. This time, I have the Nexus 6P under my [...]

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