HTC 10 – Strengths, Weaknesses and Passes

My love for Android flagships started with the HTC Desire in 2010. And this love only increased with the M7, M8 and M9 devices - over the past few years. I believe that HTC smartphones strive for premium Android experience.  For me, they have been excellent in producing great quality mobile phones for Android lovers - [...]

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HTC 10 Camera Quality Review With 30 Sample Shots

In my 50 days with the HTC 10, I have taken over 350 photos with its main camera. It is the time to tell you about my opinion of its camera performance. I have chosen 30 sample shots out of my collection to give you this review of the HTC 10 camera quality. Before we [...]

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HTC 10 Design – Engineered With Care

I have seen and enjoyed the evolution of the HTC Android flagships from M7 to M8 and then to M9 last year. This time, I had a pleasure to use the newer HTC 10. Frankly speaking, as a design-loving person, there is nothing that beats a good quality, uni-body and metal construction in a personal [...]

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