HTC 10 – Strengths, Weaknesses and Passes

My love for Android flagships started with the HTC Desire in 2010. And this love only increased with the M7, M8 and M9 devices - over the past few years. I believe that HTC smartphones strive for premium Android experience.  For me, they have been excellent in producing great quality mobile phones for Android lovers - [...]

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HTC 10 Camera Quality Review With 30 Sample Shots

In my 50 days with the HTC 10, I have taken over 350 photos with its main camera. It is the time to tell you about my opinion of its camera performance. I have chosen 30 sample shots out of my collection to give you this review of the HTC 10 camera quality. Before we [...]

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HTC 10 Design – Engineered With Care

I have seen and enjoyed the evolution of the HTC Android flagships from M7 to M8 and then to M9 last year. This time, I had a pleasure to use the newer HTC 10. Frankly speaking, as a design-loving person, there is nothing that beats a good quality, uni-body and metal construction in a personal [...]

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Why HTC One M9 Is My New “All Time Favourite” ?

HTC One M8 from 2014 has been my all time favourite smartphone for over nine months. It is recently beaten by the HTC One M9 from 2015 - only marginally though. I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful and elegantly made flagship device by the HTC and wrote 6 articles about it covering my 40 days long companionship [...]

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HTC One M9 – Strengths & Weaknesses Summarised

I don't class smartphones as "good" or "bad". I analyse them with a view to share their strengths and weaknesses with you. At the end of the day, it is down to you to pick up the best candidate depending on your requirements. The details that matter to you are going to make or break your [...]

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