This is How to Never Run Out of Useful Content Ideas

Being a freelance writer for the last two decades, I’ve watched this industry evolve. As the professional world around me has changed, I’ve experienced evolution as a writer, and my tactics are honed to a nearly exact science. Topic idea generation for web content is my second nature. And that is something I am going [...]

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Why Your Blog Needs a Content Update Strategy?

I first wrote this article in January 2015 when I was only 6 months into blogging and writing. It is fully revised in September 2016 with my more mature viewpoint about the topic of updating old articles and content in general.   With 164 published articles to date, I am not saying [...]

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SmartBlogger Blog Analysis – 11 Key Lessons for Bloggers

If you are a blogger, it is unlikely that you have not heard about Jon Morrow or his SmartBlogger blog (previously Boost Blog Traffic). He started BoostBlogTraffic blog in 2012 and recently transformed it into SmartBlogger. SmartBlogger provides authoritative and quality information for bloggers and writers. It encourages and helps the average bloggers to become [...]

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Don’t Forget to Blog Even if You are on Holidays

It is the day 4 of 7 of my week-long family holidays in the South of Spain. And before midnight today, I have to publish this article to stick with my current routine of one blog post every week. When you are enjoying the life and everything is fun, the time goes quick. After your [...]

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4 Must-Do Tricks to Make Your Content Loveable and Shareable

There is one phrase that explains how the online world functions: ‘sharing is caring’. When people care about the content you produce, they will love sharing it. For a blogger, content writer, or a website owner, the number of shares is an indicator for success. The number one requirement for creating shareable content is quality. [...]

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