Why I Happily Pay for G-Suite Business [2017 Update]

July 2017 Update: First published in 2016, this article has been updated and republished in July 2017 after I have used the G Suite for over an year now.   Google has labelled the Google Apps as “G Suite” as of September 2016. The basic offering remains the same with all apps [...]

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Windows to Chromebook Switch – The Story So Far

This article was first published in November 2014 when I shared my 3-month experience of using Chromebooks here. I am writing this again in early 2017 to give you a further flavour after switching from Windows to Chromebooks more than 2.5 years ago.   It was only bought as a second hand [...]

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10 Chromebook Strengths You Cannot Ignore

This article was first published on REASONTOUSE in November 2014. At that time, I was relatively new in the world of Chromebooks. A further 2 years have passed and I had a chance to explore 3 more Chromebooks in this period. This article is updated and republished with my [...]

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Why Evernote? (My 2nd Brain That Lives in Cloud)

Thoughts and ideas are precious. If you want to be productive and keen to make an impact in your chosen field, you need to start capturing the ideas and storing them safely and logically. So you can extract and use them when required. An idea can be completely yours or it might be coming from [...]

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Free Online File Conversion for Cloud Lovers – CloudConvert

I remember the days when I had to download third party software on my Windows laptop to convert one file type to another. Something as simple as converting an *.rar zipped file into a standard *.zip format. Or converting a *.mov video clip into an *.avi video. Those days don't exist any more. I have moved to [...]

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