Blogging with Chromebook – Can it Handle Everything? [2017 Update]

Last updated on 7th of June 2017 after using Chromebooks for over 3 years and running this blog solely from my Chromebook.   This article is written by a person who started blogging on a Chromebook. 3 years on, he is still using and enjoying the Chromebook to manage his blog fully. That person [...]

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Calmly Writer – A Distraction Free Writing App for Chromebooks

Creative writing is different from factual writing. Creative writing explains your thoughts, emotions and opinions as opposed to more facts, numbers and results. As a blogger, I use creative writing a lot. I tend to keep my articles based on my personal experience, opinion and feedback with a blend of facts and results where required. [...]

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Chromebook 11.6 vs 14 Inch Screen Size – Which One To Buy?

Last updated 29th of November 2016. Have a look at this article on The Verge titled "Chromebooks will never be successful until they have bigger screens". It tells us that the 15" laptops (commonly 15.6 inches) are the most common and widely used screen size in the market. I am not going [...]

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