How to Improve Your Chromebook Experience? [in 2018]

This article was first published here in 2014 when I was only a few months into the world of Chromebooks. I am writing it again and republishing it in December 2017 with an experience of more than three years of using Chromebooks - and more importantly, loving them.   In 2018, the [...]

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10 Chromebook Strengths You Cannot Ignore

This article was first published in November 2014 when I was relatively new in the world of Chromebooks. A further 2 years have passed and I had a chance to explore 3 more Chromebooks in this period. This article is updated and republished with my more matured and firmed [...]

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Chromebook Limitations For An Average User [2017 Update]

This article was first published here in April 2015. It is updated in January 2017 after using my 4th Chromebook over a period of 2.5 years.   Chromebook-fans like me are generally reluctant to write negatively about the Chromebooks. This is because they love Chromebooks and the Chrome OS concept. [...]

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Auto Text Expander For Chromebooks – Be More Productive

I love Chrome extensions. As a Chromebook user, I live in the Chrome World. Anything which adds to the efficiency and productivity of my browser and the Chromebook, is welcomed by me. At the time of writing this article, I have 41 extensions downloaded on my Chromebook out of which 15 are actively running - [...]

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How To Listen To YouTube Music On Chromebook ?

  Updated 24th of August 2015 - Streamus service is not available anymore. For full details, refer to this detailed article on The Next Web. Rest of his article should be read in the context of this development.    Updated 12th of July 2015 - Streamus founder Sean Anderson [...]

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