LG G6 Camera Quality Review [with 16 Sample Shots]

This review only covers the quality of the still images from main cameras in LG G6. All pictures are taken by an amateur-in-photography (me) and aim to depict a common user’s situation using auto mode (default settings).   G6 is my 5th LG flagship over the last few years. G5 in 2016 [...]

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Huawei P10 Strengths & Weaknesses [2 Months On]

Chinese high-end Android phones are gaining and gradually increasing their foothold in western markets. OnePlus and Huawei are two big names in this regard. Huawei’s P10 and P10 Plus are the company’s latest flagships in 2017 and I have been using the younger brother (P10) for last two months now. Just before I am going [...]

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Google Pixel Camera Quality Review [inc. 20 Sample Shots]

At the time of writing this review in April 2017, DxOMark has labelled the Pixel (and Pixel XL) camera as the most highly rated mobile camera to date. It hits the top score of 89 - sitting above the Samsung's S7 Edge and the iPhone 7. And the feedback from around the web is not [...]

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S7 Edge Camera Quality Review [inc. 21 Sample Shots]

For the last few years, Samsung flagship range has generally given us great cameras. In 2016, S7 and S7 Edge have been holding the flag for Samsung after the unfortunate recall of the Note 7 recently. Both the S7 and its Edge variant share the same primary camera (2 types) which is a 12 MP [...]

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HTC 10 Camera Quality Review With 30 Sample Shots

In my 50 days with the HTC 10, I have taken over 350 photos with its main camera. It is the time to tell you about my opinion of its camera performance. I have chosen 30 sample shots out of my collection to give you this review of the HTC 10 camera quality. Before we [...]

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