5 Reasons Why Google Apps Unlimited Became a Must

November 2016 update - Google has labelled the Google Apps as G Suite as of September 2016. The basic offering remains the same with all apps bundled under the G Suite banner now. Watch the following 1-minute video to know more.   If you have signed up for the Google [...]

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Google Analytics Android App – A Must Try For Bloggers

There are many levels of understanding and using the Google Analytics for website traffic however, they can be broadly categorised into two main types. The first type involves a  detailed and in-depth understanding, analysis and implementation of corrective and improvement measures to increase the site and blog traffic. This approach needs time, research, analysing and [...]

How To Manage Chrome Extensions Effectively Using Extensity

This article is about a Chrome Extension which is only 80 kilobytes in size, free of cost and has a five star rating out of 256 reviews at the time of writing this article. It is called "Extensity" An open-source Google Chrome extension by Sergio Kas from Argentina. If you are a Chrome browser user [...]

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