TweetCaster – Is it the Best Twitter App for Android?

If you are on Twitter and use an Android smartphone, having a twitter app is (nearly) a must for you. And I am sure that you will have your personal favourite Twitter app which you like to use on your smartphone. I am the same. I have been using Twitter for nearly 6 years now. [...]

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Calmly Writer – A Distraction Free Writing App for Chromebooks

Creative writing is different from factual writing. Creative writing explains your thoughts, emotions and opinions as opposed to more facts, numbers and results. As a blogger, I use creative writing a lot. I tend to keep my articles based on my personal experience, opinion and feedback with a blend of facts and results where required. [...]

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Social Media Posting App – Why I Use Buffer?

Social media can be overwhelming. It is a huge ocean in which anyone can get distracted, sidetracked and lose the focus very easily. I will give you one example of Twitter only where we have seen an increase from  5,000 tweets per day in 2007 to over 500,000,000 tweets per day. With nearly half a billion tweets [...]

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