How Did I Protect My Xperia Z5 From Marks and Scratches?

>>>>>>How Did I Protect My Xperia Z5 From Marks and Scratches?

5 minutes read How Did I Protect My Xperia Z5 From Marks and Scratches?

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I have been using the Sony Xperia Z5 for more than two and a half months now as my daily companion.

It is the time now to share with you how I managed to protect this elegantly designed phone without slipping it into a protective case.

I believe that these cases compromise the design, feel and look of the premium flagship phone hence my tendency not to use them. However, this is my personal opinion.

A word of caution for you though.

The information shared with you in this article is purely based on my personal experience and nature of use. This is to be read and used in conjunction with your own circumstances and requirements.

Because everyone is different.


Xperia Z5 – Glass Clad Front and Back

Xperia Z5 (and other Xperia Z range devices too) has glass front and back.

Sony has never clearly told us which glass type is used in the front and back of the phone. My limited research suggests that it is a combination of Dragontrail glass in the front and Corning Gorilla glass at the back which are used in this device.

Specifications say that they are scratch-resistant glasses but I am paranoid about this issue.

I don’t believe that any glass can be “100%” scratch resistant. Hence I want to protect these surfaces with the least amount of design compromise.

I used tempered glass protection with my previous Xperia Z3 and the experience was good.

This time, I wanted to try something even more less visible and lighter than a tempered glass protection.

The clear plastic screen protectors.

Bought for £3 from Amazon and worked like a charm.

You can see in the featured image of this article that the plastic screen did receive lots of scratches and marks but these did not affect the actual glass screen underneath.

Same is true for the back glass as well.


Xperia Z5 – Metal Band Around with Nylon Corners

Z5 comes with metal band on all four sides of the phone with nylon pads in corners acting as shock absorbers in case of fall and impact.

This is an area which I took a risk with by not protecting it with any bumper or other protective case or pouch.

Nearly two and a half months of use and I can confirm that the metal band and sides remained unmarked.

Absolutely spotless and like new.





With day to day use, I was expecting a few scratches or wear and tear marks on the sides but to my pleasant surprise the metal resisted the scratches very well.

Sony deserves praise for giving us a flagship device with materials which are reasonably resistant to marks and scratches.


Xperia Z5 Scratches – Wrap up

If you are extra cautious about marks, scratches or nicks, it is best to slip your Z5 in a case or a pouch.

If however, you think that design is important for you and you are willing to take a reasonable risk, I would suggest you still protect the front and back glass of the phone with good quality plastic or tempered glass protectors.

Unless you fall in the third category which is no body protection at all.

Do you normally protect your phone with a case or just the screen protector?

Or share your experience with us if you have used the scratch-resistant glass in the past without any protection and how well it resisted marks and scratches.