TweetCaster – Is it the Best Twitter App for Android?

>>>>>>TweetCaster – Is it the Best Twitter App for Android?

7 minutes read TweetCaster – Is it the Best Twitter App for Android?

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Ahmad Imran

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If you are on Twitter and use an Android smartphone, having a twitter app is (nearly) a must for you.

And I am sure that you will have your personal favourite Twitter app which you like to use on your smartphone.

I am the same.

I have been using Twitter for nearly 6 years now.

For the last four years, the Android twitter client (app) that has been my consistent companion is TweetCaster.

Phone after phone, many apps have come and gone. However, Tweetcaster has always stayed with me.

It is one of those apps which even after trying many other similar apps, has been my personal favourite for all Twitter proceedings on my mobile.

Let me explain you why I class TweetCaster as the best Twitter app for Android.



TweetCaster vs Other Android Twitter Apps

I have used many other Android compatible Twitter apps before.

All famous names such as Twitter (official), Plume, Hootsuite, Twicca, Falcon Pro, Talon, Twidere and Fenix etc.

There has been always one or more reasons that forced me to revert back to TweetCaster. This leads me to believe that it is arguably the best Twitter app for Android at present.

Now I know that this is a big statement to make.

Your requirements, choices and experience can be different to mine.

I appreciate that.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the reasons around which I class TweetCaster as the best available Twitter app for Android users.

If you disagree with any point or would like to compare any of its features with your favourite twitter app, I would like you to share your opinion in comments below. If it is relevant and useful, I will include it in the main text of the article with your reference.

There is only one aim at the end of the day.

That is to provide a real life feedback and the best available options to our readers. It is then down to them to decide which app they would like to go with.

Here are the 4 main reasons which I believe make TweetCaster stand out from the crowd.


1) Solid and Reliable Performance



I can not remember the last time when TweetCaster app crashed on me.

It has been an extremely reliable, responsive, agile and smart app that is ready to serve you any time you need. The updates and notifications are always on time and never feel to be slow or laggy. If you are manually updating the streams, it never shows any signs of sluggishness or unresponsiveness.

Its speed and performance is a major factor in liking this Twitter app for Android devices. I believe that the developer (OneLouder) deserves praise for that.


2) Easy and Practical Interface



Twitter is a busy world.

Your timeline can be a busy and highly-dynamic beast depending on your interaction and engagement with your followers and with those who you follow.

I only have just over 500 followers at the time of writing this article and many times, I feel that it is too much to handle if you are serious about using Twitter to grow your readership.

“You need a clean, practical and easy to follow user interface on the screen of your Android device. TweetCaster exactly serves this purpose in my opinion.”

The five key categories are your main timeline, mentions, direct messages, favourites and lists.

They are all available to you with either a single click or a simple swipe. This is extremely useful and clever design.

TweetCaster comes with a double menu. On the top menu, you will find options to go to home menu screen, profile page, search, write tweet or further options.

Overall, I don’t think that any other app can compete with TweetCaster for practicality, intuitiveness of its user interface (UI) and end-user interaction.


3) TweetCaster Customisation Options



There are 12 themes to choose from in the current version which I am using (9.2.2).

I am sure there will be one which will be close to your liking and colour choices. You can also choose font colours and size to suit your preferences. There are various other options to play with as well but I won’t go into their detail.

Colours and theme are not the only personalisation options in TweetCaster.

In terms of notifications and refresh settings, TweetCaster provides plenty of options to work to your requirements. It offers various useful tools and add-ons to enhance the functionality of the app.

You just need to spend five minutes with all these settings to make them fit with your preferences.


4) Available Features and Functions



You will be surprised why I kept this at number 4?

For you, it is very likely that the functions and features provided by your Twitter App for Android are important and critical.

Are you one of those who want every single feature that you can imagine to be available in your Twitter app?

For me personally, I treat Twitter as a simple tool.

I am not a heavy user of the bells and whistles which an app can provide as built-in options. Having said that, I still believe that TweetCaster does not cut any corners here either. It has one of the most extensive set of features any Android Twitter app can provide.

Internal browser, URL shortening, Smart Filter, Zip it, trends, posting to your Facebook account and connectivity with read-later services to name a few.

I would leave it for you to install the app and check these features out yourself to make an opinion.


Is TweetCaster the Best Twitter App for Android?

For me, yes.

For you, possibly.

I am not sure if you have used it before or not but I would thoroughly recommend you to give it a try with full heart. It has served me well for years and I want you to benefit from it as well.

There is no right or wrong here.

Only installing and using it over a period of time can tell if it fits in your circumstances or not. Why not give it a try with its free version available from Google Play Store and if it clicks, you can buy a premium version for approximately £3 afterwards (one off).

If you have already tried it in the past and there is another app which you settled with as it was better, share the story with us. Let us know the main reason for your choice for everyone’s understanding.

If you had any experience with TweetCaster, share that with us too.

As I mentioned earlier, the purpose of this article is to gather a collective feedback and an attempt to find the best Twitter app for Android for most of us.

Drop us a line below in comments and share your feedback.


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