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21st of October 2014 was when I published my first article on this blog.

Today, 21st of July 2015 is when I am publishing my 100th post on this blog.

If you look at the numbers only, it is an easy mathematics question. 100 articles in 39 weeks (9 months). Nearly two and half articles every week.

But numbers are not very important in this case.

Dig a little deeper and there is a value attached to it.

A value which I have understood by writing consistently for this blog. I am going to explain my three major lessons which I learnt in writing and publishing these 100 blog posts.

The best form of learning is experience and I am going to share my experience with you in this article. I will keep it precise and to-the-point by focussing on 3 “content” related lessons for new bloggers only.

Let us start.


1) Quality and Consistency are Paramount

The quality in terms of “value of your blog post to your reader” is critical.

You need to always think that at the end of reading your blog post, how have you touched the life of your reader?

Have you made him thinking?

In the world of blogging, nothing comes close to the “actual” value and usefulness of a blog post to its reader. With every single post you publish, be a critical judge of your own writing and seek methods to improve it in your next blog post.

It takes time to master this art. If there is one take away from this article you would like to remember – that is, to make your blog posts more valuable and useful to your readers and blog audience.

We then come to the second part – to be consistent with producing this quality information.

You must have heard this many times before, the frequency does not matter, it is the consistency which counts.

So stay consistent with posting, whether it is daily, once a week or once a month.

My personal suggestion is that if you are a new to intermediate blogger, anything less than once a week can be a bit disappointing for your readers. Your readers want to read your blog, they want to know what new information you have for them and to let them go empty handed from your blog is not a clever idea.

Keep them busy and inspired with your writing as best as you can, without losing the quality and minimising its impact.


2) Organise and Structure Well to Produce Content

“Blogging is like an art which you master with skills and practice.”

Don’t find shortcuts, because there are none.

Acquire knowledge, consume it, analyse it and apply it to your benefit. Your own philosophy and attitude towards life, thought process and organisational skills determine how you manage blogging on a long term basis.

Remember, blogging is not a sprint that you have to win; it is a marathon you have to endure.

It is not about having a few articles doing well and it is also not about having spikes in your traffic due to your content going viral – it is about creating a brand, having your own voice heard and demonstrate influence through your writing.

It does not come overnight. It needs an organised and structured effort on a consistent basis (habit) to produce results and this is where many of the new bloggers fail.

See what I did to be more productive. I used the tools available to me.

I started an online journal “Penzu” (07.05.2016 update – Penzu is now replaced with Evernote for my life journal and other organisational tasks).

I started an online to-do-list manager “Todoist” (07.05.2016 update – Todoist is the best task manager that I have ever encountered and used. I strongly suggest you to try Todoist if you are considering to use an online task manager app).

I started using a few other online services – all to make me more organised and productive (Google Drive, Google Photos, Medium, Pocket, Feedly and Buffer etc.)

You will see small indicators of success and being on the right track, always cherish them and celebrate them.

They are an indication that you are on a focussed path. You will see your traffic moderately rising. You will see your online network of friends increasing.

And you will hit the 100th blog post milestone as well if you have not done it already.


3) Never Settle – You Only Have One Life

“You need to take your writing and voice to a level which is well above the noise of the blogosphere.”

You need to constantly keep yourself on the toes with a quest to “do more” and “achieve more”. Be your own judge, no one else can criticise you better than yourself.

Thousands of informational and quality posts are published on a daily basis. For you to make a mark, impression or positive influence on your readers and visitors, you need to set the bar higher than the competition.

This can only be done if you remain outside of your comfort zone (especially in the first few years of your blogging). It can be tiring, stressful and demanding. You need to get used to it and develop your stamina to fight the urge to “slow down”.

Look at your previous blog posts and you will soon realise that with writing more and more, you have developed a skill to write better. You need to keep this trend and make it faster if you can. Your every next post should be better than the previous one.

Question yourself every time before hitting the publish button.

What have I done better and extra this time in my blog post?

Only those who constantly strive for the best get the fame and influence which others can only think and praise of. You need to take the pain of discomforting and stressing yourself to achieve something more vital, valuable and priceless.

That is, your success and your brand identity.


Lessons for New Bloggers – Final Words

If you have come this far reading this article, I am sure there is at least one thing I have written in this article which you can relate to.

Blogging in the 21st century is a win-win game. It is not a competition, instead it is about joining the forces with the like-minded people out there to create a deeper impression.

I believe in this with a passion.

I am on a journey to find my voice and identity. I want to take my blog and writing to a different level. A level where it becomes the first choice for those who know me and this platform.

If you feel that your journey has something in common with mine, share your thoughts with me in comments below.


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