Affiliate disclosure

I use affiliate links at REASONTOUSE where I feel that the reader may benefit from the product or service in question.

An affiliate link is a link which earns me a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you click and buy through that link.

All affiliate links are clearly tagged with the words (affiliate link) right next to the link. I may have slipped a few without this declaration in the past but going forward, all links will follow this logic.


Affiliation, not at an expense of quality

I believe in honest opinion and feedback.

You will find that most of the affiliate links are only provided where the writer has personally tried and tested the product or service. The writer’s analysis of the topic comes first and takes priority over anything else.

Good or bad, it has to accurately represent the feelings and thoughts of the writer. Affiliate links do not mean that I will offer you sub-standard advice for small commercial gain. Far from it.