Diary of Events

Diary of Events2017-12-27T14:30:12+00:00


Sharing the journey with you

This is a diary of events on this blog.

I want you to have a full visibility of every significant happening on this website. I believe that it is important to build trust and openness between you and me.

An event is created every time something significant happens at REASONTOUSE.


23.04.2018 – Restructuring the Blog

23.04.2018 - Restructuring the Blog After nearly 4 years of blogging, today I finalised my decision to de-scope my blog by third. For those who have been reading here before know that I used to blog on three key areas of personal technology. The smartphones, chromebooks and everything blogging. Going forward, the first two categories [...]


22.12.2017 – Activated Cloudflare on REASONTOUSE

22.12.2017 - Activated Cloudflare on REASONTOUSE I used to use the free Cloudflare through my host (SiteGround) and love it. Then I had issues with my site's performance and I was forced to turn it off. But then I activated it again today after a while (a few months). So far it is working fine. [...]


20.12.2017 – Republished an Article on Chromebook Experience

20.12.2017 - Republished an Article on Chromebook Experience First published in 2014, I updated this article in 2016 and now again in December 2017. It is about how to improve your chromebook and ChromeOS experience by exploring different strategies. A 2018 update is published, have a read.