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Get in Touch

Whether it is a feedback, concern or just a hi, I am listening and always welcome you getting in touch with me.

Sending an email is the quickest and most effective way to contact me. My email address is ahmadimran <<at>>


Regular Contact

If you want me to send you an email regularly about proceedings and happenings at REASONTOUSE with latest articles and information, join my email list.

I call it the REASONTOUSE Community. It is like forming a long-term friendship.

When you join the list, it will give you an option to choose the area of your interest. I will make sure that you only receive information which you are interested in. You will never be spammed, I promise.

You can subscribe for free here.


Prefer Social Media?

If so, I am on social media as well.

It is a vast world and there are some platforms where I am more frequent than others. Tweet me on Twitter, perhaps that is the quickest way of getting in touch with me on social platforms. Alternatively, join my Flipboard activity and enjoy the best of my bookmarks and a continuous collection of great articles from around the web – in your area of interest.