Why Consistent Blogging is Difficult? [with Tips to Improve]

8 minute read Why Consistent Blogging is Difficult? [with Tips to Improve]

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Ahmad Imran

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First published here in February 2015, this article is fully revisited and published again in November 2018 after more than 4 years of my blogging journey.


Blogging and writing are like exercise and fitness routine.

They are easy to start but difficult to maintain as a habit for life.

You need to have a specific mindset to love blogging and write for the rest of your life.

Publishing a couple of articles every week for 3 months and then a long pause of 2 months with zero articles published?

Sounds familiar?

You have been a victim of “inconsistency” in your blogging.

I am going to explain how your busy lifestyle and routine are going to stop you to be consistent and regular with blogging. I will also outline in this article the 3 specific strategies to overcome this problem by changing the way you think about and manage writing and blogging.

Because consistency is important in the game of blogging. Don’t neglect it before it seriously affects your brand and reputation.


There is enough evidence available to us that blogging is a game of persistence and consistency. It needs your grit and perseverance. It is not a sprint, it is a long marathon for which you need nerves, stamina and a strong desire to keep the momentum going.

If you are new to blogging or thinking of starting a blog, this article is going to share my personal experience with you. I have been blogging consistently for nearly 3 years now. This short journey of writing has made me experience some of the most exciting ups and downs of this world.

I believe that it is the right time to explain to you how your life is going to treat you when you dive into the world of blogging.


The monster of inconsistency fuels procrastination in you

The problem is not difficult to understand.

You started writing, you kept going and after a certain period of time, it is becoming difficult to keep the momentum.

Your blog posting frequency is haphazard.

Your articles are not consistently published.

There are times when you have not written a single word for the whole week or possibly two weeks. Or even months.

This is going to be damaging for your blog. Your readers and followers need your constant input and persistence to give you their trust and loyalty. Your brand will only get established if your readers can trust you for your availability and reliability. When they can bank on you to help them with information and guidance.

“Consistent blogging (and hence continuous writing) is the key. Without that, this journey is going to be difficult.”

Let me explain to you what are the 3 main reasons for this slippage. These are my main reasons, yours might be different to mine.

Will Blunt , the founder of Bloggersidekick in this article explained his 7 reasons for not producing consistent blog content. Have a read if you want a second opinion on this topic.


3 reasons of inconsistent blogging and 3 remedies


Reason 1 – blogging is not high enough in your priorities

Many will be surprised by this statement.

That is true.

If blogging is not a serious business for you and you are not passionate about writing, everything else is just an excuse. Many bloggers and writers start blogging in search of short-cuts and a quick money making technique. This is not a strong enough reason to write (and write well).

You need to love writing and love blogging.

You need to see blogging as a mean to touch other people’s life. It is your chance to reach to other people with a view to help them in some form or shape.

If you don’t feel writing or blogging as an inside passion, there is a high chance that you will suffer with a lack of consistent blogging. You will eventually quit.

I will even go to an extent to say that you should see writing and blogging as your career and something as a lifelong asset and source of joy.


Remedy – writing should come from inside

Writing and blogging should be your passion and not a chore.

There should be a strong need inside you to master your writing and blogging skills to express your thoughts and understanding.

It is the time to reflect on your blogging activity and dig it deeper. Try to understand why have you started writing. Ask yourself these questions.

What are your motivators and how strong they are to keep you going and achieve your vision?

Is blogging something you are going to try and if it does not work, will you quit or will you try to make it work?

Do you feel happiness and joy in writing and blogging by helping and touching other people’s lives?

“If your reason (desire) to blog and write is strong, deep and clear, it will help you to blog consistently. It will keep you motivated and inspired to write with enthusiasm and passion.”

Once this momentum is set up, you need to make yourself understand and reiterate to yourself everyday that there is no exit for you in this game.

It is not over until you win it.

You will write and blog until your mind can think and your fingers can type.


Reason 2 – your busy lifestyle

A couple of years back I wrote about my typical day as a new blogger. I explained in that article how easy it is to get bogged down in daily routines.

Life is becoming more and more busy.

I am sure you will have a long list of things to do every day. The day disappears before you blink your eyes.

This is the second biggest reason to be inconsistent with writing. This is where procrastination kicks in and other things in your priority list push your blogging further down the list.

Once it starts slipping, it keeps on going. It is a hard work to keep the discipline and schedule on track to create content continuously.


Remedy – agreed that you don’t have time, you just have to make time

Never say again that “you don’t have time”.

You will never be consistent with your blogging if this is your excuse. Everyone in this world has 24 hours in a day and 365 days in an year.

How come some bloggers and writers are consistent with their writing?

Because they make time for their writing.

No matter how busy is their lifestyle, writing and blogging come high in their priorities. They make time for blogging and nothing comes in their way of doing that.

There is a slot for blogging in their daily routine.

You need to bring the habit of “continuous and regular writing” in your lifestyle.

Can you allocate an hour for pure “writing” in your daily routine?

Or perhaps every alternate day?


Reason 3 – results are not quick (or as expected)

You thought that in a few months time, you will be seeing tons of traffic and loyal readership on you blog.

The real world is different.

I am not saying this is not possible but for most of us, this is not the case. Building a brand and hence loyal readership and community is a slow process which is robust if it comes organically. You need to have a wide vision and patience to wait for your time to come.

And this is the third main reason for you to lose your interest and be inconsistent with your writing.

Doubt and fear hit every blogger in his/her early career. Your mind is a great trickster and it will convince you in every single way that blogging is not for you. Your writing is not good enough and it is not making a deep enough impact on your site visitors.

That is the time when many of us fall prey to our doubts and fears.

It is the human psychology to quit or terminate a practice if it is not rewarding.


Remedy – be patient, results will come at the right time

Blogging is a game of endurance and persistence.

You don’t get results straight away.

It takes months sometimes years to reap the rewards. You need to have a faith and courage to accept the fact that no matter how hard it gets and how impossible it seems, you can crack the code with your persistent and continuous struggle and smart work.

All skills are learn-able.

Blogging and writing are no different.

There is no rocket science involved here.

It is an art of simple techniques and their best combination brings the results. You need to be there to try this combination and experience the results.

One technique at a time, learn it from those who are already successful, master it, refine it and move on to the next one. Combine a few together and give it a dose of your own creativity, innovation and style. I am sure great results are waiting for you.

Ever heard that you need 10,000 hours or 10 years to master an art? Have a read of this masterpiece by Leo Babauta of ZenHabits where he is clear about the “Only Way to Become Amazingly Great at Something”.


Consistent blogging is possible

You got an idea.

Expect these obstacles and apply the above mentioned 3 strategies to tackle them. This has happened to me and similar will happen to you as well. I have made a commitment with myself to “never quit” and I want you to do the same.

Never give up. Never slip and hold tight.

If you have committed to one, two or three blog posts every week or month, stick to your commitment. Give it the respect it deserves and don’t break this commitment.

Self discipline and every completed task raises your self-esteem and self-image. It helps and motivates you to complete the next task.

You are on a right path. The journey is tough but it leads to your destination.

Keep dreaming and working on your vision. Keep learning, keep reading and keep exploring options. Slow but steady wins the race.

“Remember, it is not a sprint, it is a marathon.”

At the end of the day, it is the “grit” that matters and makes you achieve your dreams. Consistency in blogging and writing is an indicator of your grit. I leave you with this thought provoking video about the “grit” by Angela Duckworth, a psychologist and a famous science author.


Don’t forget to drop us a line below and share your feelings and insights with us?

Do you think that consistency and persistence are key to successful blogging?


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