HP 14 Chromebook Speed & Performance Review

8 minute read HP 14 Chromebook Speed & Performance Review

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Last updated: 26th of January 2016 (after using the HP 14 Chromebook for nearly an year and still owning and using it)

I replaced my beloved Acer C720 with my current HP 14 Chromebook last year.

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the C720. An excellent value for money Chromebook which is hard to beat at such a competitive price tag. I reviewed it separately for its design, speed and performance and overall verdict. Have a look at these reviews if you are interested in knowing more about the C720.

But there was a reason to replace it with the HP 14.

I wanted to try the 14 inch screen on a Chromebook.

While I still miss the portability and ease of carrying around of the C720, the 11.6 inch screen size was a touch too small occasionally. It sometimes make you desire to go for one step bigger.

13.3 or 14 inches.

So here I am.

After using it for nearly an year now, I am ready to update you about its “speed and performance”.

If you are someone who is particularly interested in this Chromebook or one of its variants, stay around and you will find my personal feedback helpful in making your decision.



This is a performance, speed and user experience review only. Nothing else.

The exact model used in this review is the HP 14 – q010sa (non-touch screen), 16GB SSD, 14 inch screen and 1.4 GHz Celeron Dual Core processor (2955U) with 4GB of RAM. It is the Snow White version bought from a UK high street store.

HP 14 comes in different variants.

Make sure that you understand the exact model you are planning to buy or want to know more about. This particular model is a 2014 release with the Intel 2955U Haswell based dual core processor and a 4 GB RAM.


HP 14 Chromebook – Speed and Performance

For those who have read my Acer C720 speed and performance review would know that I was massively impressed with the efficiency of that machine.

HP 14 is only different in two main aspects as compared to the Acer’s C720.

A bigger screen and an extra 2GB RAM.

So here is a summary of my findings after using this machine for months now as my main personal computer. I use my Chromebook for an approximately 5 hours every day. Although my use is generally light weight to moderate, I am not hesitant to say that sometimes I do test my Chromebook to its full potential.


Surfing. Have a look at the video below. I had 21 tabs opened with moderate to heavy websites running. I also had 17 extensions and 38 apps installed on my Chromebook at the time of running this screen cast. The speed and performance of the web browser was amazing and lightening fast. I am thoroughly surprised and impressed.

Here is the key – 4GB RAM does make a difference.

It makes the whole surfing experience extremely fast and slick.



Video. Although I had no issues with running the 720p and 1080p HD and full HD videos, I found the 2k and 4k videos to be “hit and miss”.

I must say that on many occasions, I was presented with a significant lag and jerk in the high resolution videos.

Slightly unimpressed.

Although the 1080p and 720p videos ran absolutely fine, I believe that the 2k and 4k video should have performed better. If you are a serious video watcher in high resolution, there is a word of caution here. Otherwise, if you are a casual video watcher like me, no issues with that.


General use. No problems whatsoever. The Chromebook feels fast and responsive. Shows no sign of lag with normal use and opens tabs and windows quickly. The transition between the pages is excellent and other tasks outside the Chrome browser were fast and accurate.


Battery life. A good news here again. It consistently gave me more than 6 hours of battery life with my normal use. No complaints at all. Considering the HP 14 has to keep the 14 inch screen happy, I do not mind the battery life to be an hour or so less than my previous C720.

Heat and noise. HP 14 does not get very warm or hot at all. In fact it stays at normal temperature most of the time. Occasionally it can be mildly warm, but that is insignificant as compared to any Windows PC.

On the noise front, it is generally a quiet machine. Definitely quieter than Windows however, not as quiet as my previous Acer C720. Again no complaints, in fact, I am happy with its heat and noise characteristics.

To me, this is an amazing performance for a Chromebook. It just shows the beauty and harmony of hardware and software to create an excellent computing experience for the end users like me and you.

This is exactly the reason for me to convert from Windows to a Chromebook.


HP 14 Chromebook Speed and Performance – Wrap up

If you have not tried a Chromebook yet, consider getting one and give it a try.

Well recommended but make sure that your expectations are right and your research is complete. Visit Google’s Official Page on Chromebooks for further reading about the Chromebooks.

HP 14’s Intel dual core processor (Haswell, 1.4 GHz) along with the 4GB RAM is an excellent combination at an affordable price tag to satisfy the end user in regards to the speed and performance of this machine.

If you are looking for an efficient and good value Chromebook for your needs, the HP 14 is a worthy consideration (except if you are a 2K/4K videos fan)

Where do you stand?

How is your experience so far with any Chromebook?

Or is this the first time you are taking an interest to try a Chromebook?


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