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How To Manage Chrome Extensions Effectively Using Extensity

Ahmad Imran

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This article is about a Chrome Extension which is only 80 kilobytes in size, free of cost and has a five star rating out of 256 reviews at the time of writing this article.

It is called “Extensity”

An open-source Google Chrome extension by Sergio Kas from Argentina.

If you are a Chrome browser user on your PC, Mac or a Chromebook, I am sure you will be aware of the Chrome Extensions concept. These little software add-ons enhance the functionality of your browsing through their clever, smart and efficient way of completing the tasks.

I must admit, I am a huge fan of the Chrome Extensions.

Stay with me and I will show you how I manage so many of them without any side effects of resource hog or slowing down my computing.


Installation & Running

There is nothing complicated about downloading and running a Chrome extension. I am sure many of us would have done it many times before.

Head over to the official Extensity Chrome Web Store page from within your Chrome browser and install the Extensity extension in seconds.

It will appear as an icon on your extension bar at the top.

Click it and a simple list of all your extensions and apps will be displayed in a column style container near the icon. In other words, it will show all the extensions and apps you are running on your machine.



What Does Extensity Do?

It precisely does two simple but very useful tasks.

1It allows us to turn any of our installed extensions to be “off” or “on” with a single click.

If you are an extension-lover like me, it is very easy to accumulate good quality extensions over a period of time. I currently have various extensions installed on my Chromebook which I use at different times depending on my requirements. Add on top of it, good extensions are constantly emerging in the Google Web Store and there is always a temptation to try new offerings.

Extensity allows you to turn them off with a single click without removing them from your machine. It saves your machine’s resources and keeps your browsing fast and agile.

It allows you to forget about an extension that you don’t want to use but still like it and believe that you may use it in the future. Don’t delete, it – turn it off with Extensity. You can turn it on any time you like.

2Extensity also displays the list of your installed Apps as well in an alphabetical order. All it does is that you can access any app of your choice from the same container. So it acts as your main portal for all your extensions and apps.


How to Manage Chrome Extensions – Wrap up

This is not a long article.

Simple concept but extremely helpful.

Good extensions are to keep and use. I absolutely love them and I am sure you love them too. When you don’t use them for a certain period of time, don’t delete them because they slow you down. Instead, turn them off with Extensity. They stay in the list and always a click away from coming to life again.

Simple idea but an absolute must-have extension for me.

Give it a try today.

Let us know then what do you think.


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  • Hi Imran,

    I have heard many bloggers using Chrome extensions for many different reasons. But I use Opera and Firefox add-ons. :p

    This Chrome extension “Extensity” sounds really cool. Especially its feature of turning on or off any other installed extension is amazing, isn’t it?

    It is surprising to know that it has a 5 star rating even after 256 reviews. Thanks for sharing this. I must try it whenever I install Chrome.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    – Rohan.

  • Rohan, if you are on a Windows laptop, there is no harm in downloading the Chrome and start using it.

    It is the most widely used browser in the world. An interesting fact is that nearly 75% of my traffic is using the chrome browser. Which shows that how widely is this browser used in the world.

    Having said that, I believe that Firefox and Opera are also very good. It is a matter of which browser you get used to.