How To Listen To YouTube Music On Chromebook ?

>>>>>>How To Listen To YouTube Music On Chromebook ?

4 minutes read How To Listen To YouTube Music On Chromebook ?

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Updated 24th of August 2015 – Streamus service is not available anymore. For full details, refer to this detailed article on The Next Web. Rest of his article should be read in the context of this development. 


Updated 12th of July 2015 – Streamus founder Sean Anderson has announced that the matters between YouTube and Streamus could not be resolved regarding the Terms of Services and hence the Streamus service will stop on the 14th of July 2015. This is a disappointing news for me as I have been a heavy-user of the Streamus and a fan of its philosophy.


Whether you are a Chromebook user or a fan of the Chrome browser, you must have used Chrome extensions before. They are useful little add-ons which sit on the top right of the browser. Chrome extensions are designed to make our life easier and are extremely useful.

I simply love them and whenever I come across one which I believe will truly enhance my reader’s personal technology and computing experience, I share my opinion straight away.

This article is about one such Chrome extension – the Streamus.

Not all the times you want to use YouTube for videos only.

Sometimes, you just want to listen to the audio and the songs only while busy with your other computing tasks in your browser. This is where this extension comes into action. Streamus allows you to stream the audio from the YouTube library in your Chrome browser.


How Streamus Works?

Streamus is a Google Chrome extension which is easily installable from the Chrome Web Store. It is free and once installed, sits on the top right of your browser along with other installed extensions.

Click the “S” logo and it presents you a simple and practical interface to search for your required audio or music from the YouTube library. Once found, you play it (or add it to the playlist) in a built in player. Simple as that.

Here is an official short video of 2:33 minutes to demonstrate the working in a bit more detail.


In short, you have a whole YouTube library at your fingertips using Streamus. And remember it is not just the songs, it includes each and every other video which is hosted on the YouTube available to you in the audio format. Pretty smart.

Streamus is developed by Sean Anderson and he has done an excellent job of explaining the whole Streamus working on a single page. Head over to this getting-started page on Streamus website to know more. If there are still some questions answered, you can check this frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on their website.


Listen to YouTube Music on Chromebook

YouTube is owned by Google and there are more than 1 billion users of YouTube today. Every day, people watch and enjoy hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. It is extremely rare for me not to find something on YouTube based on my requirements.

Nowadays, I am in love with Jim Rohn’s motivational and inspirational lectures and seminars on the YouTube. Streamus has been my major tool to achieve my objective. I simply love creating my playlist of the required videos and playing them whenever I need.

YouTube Via Streamus on Chrome


Streamus is a 5-star extension after more than 2,800 reviews on the Google Web Store at the time of writing this article.

I do not how long will Streamus be allowed to work in its current commercial model.

Free of cost, stripping all the adverts away and providing just the required music and audio to its users in an extremely easy and practical manner.

But until it is changed or removed, there is no reason why you should not install it from the Google Web Store and start enjoying it straight away.


Updated 24th of August 2015 – Streamus service is not available anymore. For full details, refer to this detailed article on The Next Web. This article should have been read in the context of this development. 


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