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News Reader for Chrome – Why I Prefer Feedly?

Ahmad Imran

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RSS (or feeds) are normally explained in a difficult language to most of us.

We are often told that RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication” but there is a simpler way of explaining the things.

RSS or a news feed is something you subscribe to on a website where you are interested in a particular type of content and want to be kept up to date with any new additions.

Over a period of time you collect these individual subscriptions on different websites and store to a news reader (feed aggregator) of your choice.

This feed aggregator regularly checks all the subscribed sources of information and updates its database with new additions such as news, posts and articles etc.

You then access your targeted information from this news reader (RSS or feed aggregator) at your convenient time without actually visiting the individual websites (sources).


Benefits of an RSS Reader

Many people think that RSS readers are not for them.

It sounds complicated and seems like another hassle to worry about. I assure you that it is not as complicated as it sounds and seems. Here are a few situations where I strongly suggest you to give it a try if you fall in one of the following categories.

  • You are a curious reader who likes reading on the internet on different websites and blogs.
  • You want to be kept up to date about the latest news and happenings in an area of your interest.
  • You want an organised platform to access all the information you would like to read and enjoy in your spare time.
  • You are a blogger or a content writer who needs to be kept up to date with the proceedings in your niche.
  • You are super-interested in a specialist topic and you want to know virtually everything about it publishing on the internet.

Still interested in knowing more about it?

Well, in this article I will review my favourite news reader for Chrome browser – Feedly.

The best thing about Feedly is that it is available on various platforms. It works in any browser on your computer and also available as an app for your Android, Apple or Windows smartphone or tablet. It syncs between these devices so wherever you are, your “information collection” is centrally managed for you.

I will use a Chrome Browser example in this article as I use a Chromebook as my personal computer. The logic and functionality mostly remains the same.


Why Feedly is the Best News Aggregator for Chrome?

Feedly is accessible via typing in your Chrome browser’s address bar. On other browsers it works exactly the same. You can download a dedicated app to sit in your app drawer but all it does is to direct you to the feedly interface in your browser window.

On smartphones and tablets, you can access the exact same functionality by clicking on the installed app on your respective device.

Feedly gives you an option to log in (or register) via different methods such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Windows or Evernote accounts – the one I use is through my Google account.

You have entered the “Feedly Interface”

Here are the main reasons why I think Feedly is my favourite option for a news reader for Chrome or any other platform.

1 Simple and intuitive interface. Feedly is an excellent design in terms of layout, formatting and presentation. It reduces the clutter and gives the reader an open and welcoming feel to consume the information.


You can see in the above picture that the main reading panel is easy to read and understand. The typography is legible and the overall dashboard is easy to understand and navigate.

On the left hand side the main feed (news) categories are displayed in bold. All the options on the top and the bottom are easy and self explanatory. This left hand side panel can be pinned or unpinned to adjust the main window size – making the main reading window more convenient to read.

2 Adding feeds is easy and versatile. Feedly gives you four main options to add content to your database. A simple RSS URL or title or #topic search, pre-defined categories and their selected feeds, suggested collections on a topic and importing an OPML file created somewhere else (An OPML is a short file containing a list of all feeds used in a different software but intended to be brought into a separate feed aggregator / news reader platform)


3 Feedly is extremely organised. It gives you a plenty of options to structure your categories and feeds in a way which suits your individual requirements. Have a look at the few categories shown in my existing Feedly setup. I can move around anything, anywhere. Something that gives me a full control over how I want my feeds to appear for me.


4I can read a feed within the Feedly panel. Many times, I do not leave my feedly and read the news from within the main reading window. Clicking on a particular feed opens the text in line and gives an option for a distraction free reading. Something we all really need in a busy online atmosphere nowadays.

Have a look yourself.


5Feed handling and manipulation is made easy in Feedly. It allows you to save a feed (news) for reading later. It also offers a selection of platforms for sharing the feed from within the main window. Once the feed is read, you can mark it as read, or delete it from your collection. In essence, the overall experience is extremely user friendly and a joy to use – something that I did not find in other feed readers.


Are You Going to Try Feedly?

So you have seen my top 5 reasons for selecting Feedly as my day to day feed reading portal.

It is simple, intuitive, versatile, reliable and feature rich. And yes, it is free as well. There is a pro version available for a nominal cost but the free version has served me well to date.

I have been using Feedly for years now. It is an app which has served me extremely well (Thanks Team Feedly). As a blogger, I need a constant stream of information to keep me up to date with the happenings in my niche.

Reading is a key element of better writing and Feedly helps me with that. It sits on my Chromebook permanently and I use it regularly to consume the information I am interested in. It has saved me hours of time in my busy routine and I truly believe it to be an app worth trying.

Hence shared with you.

I don’t know where you stand.

Have you used any feed aggregator before? If so, tell us in the comments below why you selected that particular one?

If you have never tried one before, have I convinced you to try Feedly now?


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