How Flexible is Avada Backend? [Avada 5.X Theme Settings]

If you want to know your options in the backend of Avada theme, this article will give you that flavour. By backend I mean the admin panel in WordPress where you can play around with different options and settings to adjust your theme's presentation and functioning. It is like a cockpit from where you fly [...]

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Avada Theme Review After 3 Years [2017 Update]

This article is updated every year. Last update in August 2017 captures my 3 years feedback and experience of using Avada theme. This article contains affiliate link(s) - read disclosure here.   Theme Avada is 5 years old now. With nearly 350,000 sales on ThemeForest, it has been a no. 1 WordPress [...]

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2 Years with SiteGround and Running WordPress Blog [2017 Update]

This blog is hosted on the SiteGround’s server for over 2 years now. Last year, I wrote about my first year's feedback about the SiteGround's shared hosting performance. This year, it is the second episode. Two years on. April 2015 to April 2017. No influence, no long-talks and no wishy-washy either. SiteGround 's user experience on a day [...]

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Traits of a Quality WordPress Theme – 5 Checks to Choose a Theme That Best Suits Your Needs

I am not a WordPress developer or expert of any kind. I am just a common user of the WordPress who has built and managed this website on the WordPress platform from the scratch. Over two and a half years of working with this excellent software, I have acquired the knowledge and experience of using [...]

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How to Choose WordPress Plugins? (The 7 Steps)

First published in September 2015, this article is recently revised and re-published in October 2016. It is updated with my further-matured point of view and experience of the WordPress plugins.   When I started blogging with WordPress, it only took me a few months to establish that it is important [...]

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