How Flexible is Avada Backend? [Avada 5.X Theme Settings]

If you want to know your options in the backend of Avada theme, this article will give you that flavour. By backend I mean the admin panel in WordPress where you can play around with different options and settings to adjust your theme's presentation and functioning. It is like a cockpit from where you fly [...]

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Create Your Ideal Blog Reader Profile [Why, How and 3 Examples]

After 3 years of blogging, I can not stress enough the importance of creating your ideal blog visitor/reader persona. This article was first published here in November 2015. 2 years on, I am updating and republishing it again in November 2017.   You can’t write for everyone. The world of blogging and [...]

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Why and How to Write a Good Blog Comment? [3 Insights from Ryan Biddulph]

Sometimes I feel surprised. By looking at his energy and the time he devotes to leaving meaningful comments on various blogs. He is energetic and he aims to be everywhere - in the blogging scene. His name is Ryan Biddulph and he is the founder of Blogging from Paradise. He knows the power of networking [...]

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Avada Theme Review After 3 Years [2017 Update]

This article is updated every year. Last update in August 2017 captures my 3 years feedback and experience of using Avada theme. This article contains affiliate link(s) - read disclosure here.   Theme Avada is 5 years old now. With nearly 350,000 sales on ThemeForest, it has been a no. 1 WordPress [...]

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25 Effective Blogging Strategies [From 3 Years of Blogging]

I have been blogging for 3 years now. I used to write my story of blogging every 100 days but then I started doing it yearly. This way I will be able to squeeze more value, information and useful insights in one detailed article for you. So this post is a snapshot of my blogging [...]