How to Improve Your Chromebook Experience? [in 2018]

This article was first published here in 2014 when I was only a few months into the world of Chromebooks. I am writing it again and republishing it in December 2017 with an experience of more than three years of using Chromebooks - and more importantly, loving them.   In 2018, the [...]

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ASUS C302 Design Review – The Flip Chromebook cum Tablet

ASUS C302 flip is my 5th Chromebook. My first ever convertible laptop. In my world, if I am spending £500 on a Chromebook in 2017, it has to be a good, in fact, very good design. ASUS C302 flip Chromebook, from the day of its release, inspired me with its elegant, convertible and all metal [...]

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Best Cloud Photo Storage [2 Years with Free Google Photos]

This article was first published here in 2015 when I joined the Google Photos after its initial release. I was excited and couldn't resist to share my views on this blog. Since then, 2 years have gone by. In this article I share with you how I feel about this service now [...]

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Why I Happily Pay for G-Suite Business [2017 Update]

July 2017 Update: First published in 2016, this article has been updated and republished in July 2017 after I have used the G Suite for over an year now.   Google has labelled the Google Apps as “G Suite” as of September 2016. The basic offering remains the same with all apps [...]

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Writing App for Chromebooks – 3 Years with Calmly Writer

Last updated in November 2017 after using Calmly Writer app for over 3 years.    As a chromebook user, your options of word processors are not as many as if you are on Windows or Mac. As soon as you enter the cloud-based computing model, your options shrink. Microsoft Word Online and Google [...]

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