6 Productivity Tools for the Traveling Blogger

Traveling blogger surely must be one of the best jobs out there: you get to spend time doing something you love, but in incredible, exotic locations. This career choice also has many benefits: it increases your productivity and happiness levels, reduces stress and helps you to save money. Sometimes, however, us remote workers and traveling [...]

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CDN for Bloggers – Why and When to Implement?

If you are a blogger (or website owner), chances are that you've undertaken an optimization exercise. To make your blog load faster and offer better user experience. Using an optimization checklist might include defining your value proposition, refining your design, organizing the site navigation, adding social media buttons, including CTA (call to action) links, and [...]

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Avada Theme Review [4 Years On] [2018 Update]

This article is updated every¬†year. Last update in August 2018 captures my 4 year feedback and experience of using Avada theme on this blog.   Avada theme is over 6 years old now. With over 440,000 sales on ThemeForest, it has been a no. 1 WordPress theme on Envato for a long time [...]

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How Flexible is Avada Theme for Bloggers? [Avada 5.X Backend]

Last updated in August 2018, I aim to review and revise this article with every significant update in Avada's settings and options.   As a blogger, you want a theme which not only gives you a solid platform but also offers you flexibility and versatility for the design of your blog. I [...]

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Best Cloud Photo Storage [2 Years with Free Google Photos]

This article was first published here in 2015 when I joined the Google Photos after its initial release. I was excited and couldn't resist to share my views on this blog. Since then, 2 years have gone by. In this article I share with you how I feel about this service now [...]

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