Why Bloggers Should Consider a Minimalist Blog Design?

I first wrote about this topic in April 2015. After 4 years of running this blog, this message has only gone stronger in my mind. I have revisited and re-published this article in October 2018 with my latest views on minimalist blog design.   Finding good information on internet is not easy. If we [...]

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Avoid Perfectionism in Blog Design [Blogging Distractions]

Last updated in August 2018, this article was first written a month after this website was designed and first went live in October 2014. After using WordPress for nearly 4 years now, I believe strongly in this subtle but important message for bloggers and writers. It is one out of the 10 major distractions for [...]

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Have You Got Your “Blog Visitor Persona” Ready?

First published in November 2015, this article is revised in July 2018 after a major blog-restructure here at REASONTOUSE.   You can’t write for everyone. The world of blogging and online writing is just too big. The problem with writing for everyone is that your message is not super-focused. It sounds thin [...]

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How to Write a Good Blog Comment? [3 Insights from Ryan Biddulph]

Sometimes I feel surprised. By looking at his energy and the time he devotes to leaving meaningful comments on various blogs. He is energetic and he aims to be everywhere - in the blogging scene. His name is Ryan Biddulph and he is the founder of Blogging from Paradise.     He knows the [...]

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25 Effective Blogging Strategies [From 3 Years of Blogging]

I have been blogging for 3 years now. This post is a snapshot of my blogging career at its 3rd anniversary. This article won't be updated going forward - to preserve my thoughts and beliefs after 3 years of blogging.   Blogging is a marathon. It needs constant refinement and continuous improvement. [...]

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