Don’t Forget to Blog Even if You are on Holidays

4 minute read Don’t Forget to Blog Even if You are on Holidays

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Ahmad Imran

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It is the day 4 of 7 of my week-long family holidays in the South of Spain.

And before midnight today, I have to publish this article to stick with my current routine of one blog post every week.

When you are enjoying the life and everything is fun, the time goes quick. After your stressful and busy routine, your time-off can act as a re-charge for your body and soul. The tendency generally is to switch-off completely.

It is very easy to take your eyes off the ball and let the “things” slip in these times.

By “things” I mean, writing and blogging.

Let the other things wind down a bit but not your passion – it should always stay at the top of your list. You have a bigger fish to fry and that needs a sacrifice.

I am going to share with you one important message in this short article – something crucial and important for you as a blogger or a writer.

The message is to always consider and think about your audience.


Plan Ahead and Make Arrangements Prior to Your Time Off

This is an ideal scenario.

Say if you are planning for a week or two weeks off, think ahead about your writing, blogging and publishing fresh content.

Have you got content already drafted and ready ahead of your break that you can push to publish during your holidays?

Or are you thinking of taking time during your break on regular intervals to create and publish new content? (something like what I am doing now – writing a new blog post on a strategically planned lazy afternoon)

Only you can judge you circumstances the best and depending on how important are the writing and blogging for you, your plans and actions will demonstrate that.

Think ahead.

Don’t let your blogging slip.

Your audience and readers are not on holidays. They see you as a loyal, dedicated and trust-worthy brand which keeps its readers before anything else.


It is Not Just About Content, Make Sure That Other Blogging Activities are on Track Too

Writing and publishing content is one part.

You know better that there are several other parts as well which are linked to your blogging world.

Interaction with your audience and followers, social media, email list, WordPress maintenance and marketing to name a few.

You need a priority list of which items are “must-to-do” and which ones can wait or take a back-seat during your time off period.

Let me tell you my must-haves (during my holidays) to give you a flavour. Remember it is a list of a less-than-2-year-old-blogger so it is relatively simple and easy at this stage.

  • 1) Write, check and publish a new blog post during this week because I did not have already-prepared fresh content available in my stock.
  • 2) Checking emails daily and making sure that if there are any emails to respond to, do that straight away.
  • 3) Send an email to my “subscribers” (email list) after publishing new content – they are a part of this community and extra-important for me.
  • 4) High-level checking of my all social media platforms at least every alternate day so if there are any interactions from readers or followers, I can be there to respond and engage.
  • 5) Keeping an eye on my website (running and operation) and making sure that everything is nice and tidy. I had a recent malfunction of some parts of my website which I had to jump in and resolve straight away with my host – SiteGround. Remember it is the image of your brand – keep an eye on it.


At the End of the Day, It is All About Your Readers and Audience

You got the gist.

One week or 2 weeks is not a very long time.

You think you can always take a complete-complete break from your writing and blogging and always start fresh again after your time-off.

I think otherwise.

Although rest, relaxation and re-charging yourself are important and you need to actually plan them to happen to maximise your efficiency and creativity but you need to create a list of “must-do’s” during this time and make sure that you strictly remain loyal to this commitment.

Only then your audience will feel and acknowledge that your brand is loyal and considerate to them.

They will respect and trust you for that, which is the number one ingredient for you to achieve your goals as a blogger.

Do let me know what do you think about this topic?

Do you think that a complete shut-down is required and acceptable?

Or do you think that a list of minimum “must-haves” should always be followed even if you are on a time-off?


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