Ahmad Imran


“I want you to make informed and better choices for your personal technology needs through this website.”


A bit more about me

39, married and one daughter.

As a chartered Civil Engineer, I work for one of the leading British construction firms and live in Manchester, England. It is a demanding job and I like it because I like challenge.

There is one more thing which gives me a further level of satisfaction and thrill in life.

And that is my blogging and writing.

This platform.

I have a passion for personal and day to day technology. In fact, its most beneficial use for the masses and this is what I like to explore, learn, master and share with others.

I started this platform in 2014 and since then, it has been the biggest passion of my life to help others and reach to my goals and mission through this platform.

In order to make a difference in my reader’s life.


This platform

REASONTOUSE is different from any other personal-tech review website on the internet.

I believe in love for all and faith in putting effort to help others.

It is just that at this stage, REASONTOUSE platform is the best form of achieving this passion.

Through real-life experience, feedback and sharing. No rumours, gossips and leaks. Only tried and tested analysis, views and feedback which one really feels passionate about and wants to share with others.

Whether it is me or a guest contributor contributing at REASONTOUSE, my aim is to give you rich, useful and interesting information in the most hassle-free manner without wasting your time.

I hate fluff and fillers.

I like straight and to-the-point information. I am not there yet but this is what I strive for and aim to make REASONTOUSE famous for.

A platform where you and me can hang around and feel good about our values, ideas and helping nature.


Be a friend

I want to create a community of friends and like-minded readers through this platform.

If you agree with my vision and values and if this is something you can relate to, shake hand and be a friend.

You are most welcome and have been invited.


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