Master the Art of Blogging

Master the Art of Blogging2018-07-31T11:24:16+00:00


blog refocus

After a long and hard thought, I have decided to reduce the scope of blogging topics on this platform and focus more on depth, quality and precision.

Going forward, two out of the three existing categories will be discontinued.

I will not be writing about smartphones and chromebooks any more.

Not because I have stopped loving them but just because I can not dive deep into everything due to versatility and depth of each topic.

REASONTOUSE will only focus on blogging and online writing going forward. Something that is my inner passion and will continue to remain such to express my thoughts to the wider world.

Personal technology such as smartphones and chromebooks will only be covered occasionally and as tools to help blogging in general.

A sincere apology to those who enjoyed reading my articles and reviews on high-end Androids and chromebooks. Unfortunately, this was not sustainable and I had to take this significant step to improve the quality and focus of this platform.