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Write Better

REASONTOUSE is not Forbes (yet) and I am not Stephen King (yet) either, but this does not mean that we should settle for less and not stretch ourselves.

Writing “useful” and “interesting” is what I aim for. I want to become a better writer myself and I expect nothing less for you too.

I welcome you to write for this platform.


Why Write Here?

It will give you a chance to express and share your passion with others.

It will help you to take another step to become a better writer. You will feel that you have learnt a few extra things after getting published here.

At the same time, it will give you more exposure. It is a chance for you to get exposed to a few more people and broaden your circle further.


3 Must-Have Ingredients

You must have a passion and feeling about the topic you are writing for. This platform is all about personal experience, analysis and feedback sharing. If you haven’t got a passion and belief about a topic, it is difficult to get published here.

Remember it is your story, your experience and your views that you are sharing with us. Don’t just report the features, facts and numbers. We are after your personal opinion and viewpoints to help the readers. Write in first person and talk to your reader.

Go deep rather than wide. There is no limit on words but don’t use fluff and fillers. Be direct, bold and straight forward. Blogosphere is full of superficial and thin content, don’t add to the pile. I don’t care if you write 1000 words or 2000, what matters is that you have left your reader (including me) touched and thinking.


What Next and What to Expect?

Drop me an email on ahmadimran «at» reasontouse.com if you are up for the challenge.

Tell me what do you want to write about and what connection/association do you have with the topic you are writing about.

If we agree the main headline and the skeleton (sub-heads), you can start writing. Canvas is all yours then.

Be prepared for mutual and collaborative work on the article. I don’t want to dilute your message or unnecessarily tweak it but in order to fit in the overall theme of this platform, there may be changes required.

You can use links which are relevant. Your picture and bio will go at the top of the article.

Finally, if there are any comments or questions from the readers, I would really appreciate if you are there to answer.