Your Blog Needs an Ideal Visitor Persona (Sharing 3 Examples I Use)

  After two and a half years of blogging, I can not stress enough the importance of creating your ideal visitor's persona for your blog. This article was first published here in November 2015. I have revisited and republished it with my latest point of view on this topic.   The topic [...]

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Write a Quality Blog Post in 7 Steps

Crafting a “quality blog post” is every blogger’s need and desire. I am sure that if you have been blogging for a certain period of time, you must have tried to improve the quality of your blog post articles in this period - to generate more impact and increase your reader’s engagement. Let me tell [...]

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Don’t Forget to Blog Even if You are on Holidays

It is the day 4 of 7 of my week-long family holidays in the South of Spain. And before midnight today, I have to publish this article to stick with my current routine of one blog post every week. When you are enjoying the life and everything is fun, the time goes quick. After your [...]

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Story of Personal Blogging – Days 401 to 500

On 10th of December 2015, this blog completed 500 days of its life. If you are a regular reader here, you are aware that every 100 days, I write a story of my past 100 days. I want the story of my personal blogging to reach to as many bloggers and writers as possible. Because [...]

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10 Tools I Like the Most to Get My Content Loved and Shared

Sharing is caring. It’s a cliché statement, but it grasps the essence of our attempts to get our content appreciated across the web. When I started my journey through the loops of Internet, I didn’t care much about the number of comments and shares I got. My main motif was to spread my word out [...]

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