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10 Distractions Every Serious Blogger Should be Aware Of

There are two types of bloggers. Those who blog casually and don’t mind if things slip a little bit. Their objectives are flexible and blogging perhaps does not sit near the top of their priority list. And those who like to be focused, disciplined and strict when it comes to their blog and blogging activities. [...]

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The Story of Personal Blogging – Days 601 to 700

To date, I have written my "personal blogging story" every 100 days. So 7 articles in 700 days of blogging. Going forward and as an effort to further refine and focus my articles, this story will be written on an yearly basis. Every 29th of July (birthday of REASONTOUSE), I [...]

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My Story of Personal Blogging – Days 501 to 600

On 19th of March 2016, this blog completed 600 days of its journey. If you have read the previous chapters of my blogging journey, you must be aware that every 100 days, I write about my experiences and lessons learnt to share my blogging and writing journey with you. The aim is to give you [...]

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Story of Personal Blogging – Days 401 to 500

On 10th of December 2015, this blog completed 500 days of its life. If you are a regular reader here, you are aware that every 100 days, I write a story of my past 100 days. I want the story of my personal blogging to reach to as many bloggers and writers as possible. Because [...]

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Do You Dream and Visualise Yourself as a Top Blogger or a Writer?

I am going to tell you in this article one of the most important aspects of your blogging or writing success. You don't normally find it in common blogging advice nowadays. And it lies within you. You have got a full control over it. It is something which is easy to neglect and put it [...]

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