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OnePlus One Scratch Resistance – 30 Days Feedback

OnePlus One scratch resistance is a small topic and many of you will wonder why have I covered it with a nearly 850 words article. The answer is because for some of my readers, they are keen to know how well this smartphone deals with the day to day use and wear and tear. The beautiful [...]

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OnePlus One Verdict – A Beauty With Forgivable Niggles

If you are doing your research to know more about the OnePlus One smartphone or if you are just keen to know about the feedback from someone who has used this phone for 4 weeks now, you are in the right place. This smartphone has caused a stir in the flagship market of the android [...]

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OnePlus One Camera Performance Review – With Sample Pictures

  1st of July 2015 update - I have used 5 other flagship devices after using the OnePlus One. I can confirm that it is still the "best value" flagship device for me by miles. Premium built and a strong set of specifications. Please read the rest of this article in the [...]

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OnePlus One Design – Unexpectedly Beautiful

This is strictly a review of the OnePlus One design, look and feel only. Nothing else. This is not a performance or specifications related article. It only details my views about the build quality and design of this highly in-demand mobile phone at the time of this writing. Read this article if you want to know how well [...]

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